Work-life Balance as a Course Creator

May 5, 2022

Gone are the days when the words “mental health” have stigma behind them. Instead, taking care of our mental health is now an active choice for many passionate course creators who are also running service-based businesses.

Confession time!

While building out my own digital program, I was served intense feelings of burnout with a side order of “why is this so freaking hard?” and thoughts of giving up. Some days I was going to bed past midnight because I was working on my course, and then waking up very early the next morning to finish all the client projects I was slipping behind on.

As weeks turned into months, my list of tasks, unanswered emails and lagging deadlines all started to become too much for me. I knew I needed a better system. I need more balance. This prompted me to implement some new strategies and time-saving tricks. If it weren’t for these, I don’t think I would have been able to ever finish my course.

Here are my 3 best tips to improve course creator productivity so you can consistently show up as your best self, serve your clients AND finish writing your course.

  1. Block off your calendar by booking a meeting with that very important client…YOURSELF. Treat your creative process and your mind with the respect it deserves and schedule time for it to happen. Client work and life tasks used to control how my week flowed but once I allocated specific blocks of time to developing my own program I noticed a BIG CHANGE in how much I accomplished.
  2. Streamline processes. I had less time to fiddle with inefficiency once I began writing my course. So, I improved my payment systems, asked my VA to build out my Dubsado workflows, then outsourced tasks to be completed before my launch.
  3. Increase your prices. With less time to work in my business, I had to reduce client work which resulted in a drop in revenue. Also, more money was going out the door due to my monthly subscription to Kajabi, paying for freelancers, and my business coach. To offset this, I increased my prices.

It’s important for new course creators to be aware of these strategies so that you can avoid burnout and finish your course fast. ✨

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